Sunday, December 19, 2010

All i enjoyed wanted to share

Hello folks,

Sunday Mornings since childhood are sign of relaxation,its a holiday notice from god saying "OK you worked hard whole week ,so take off today" though its not actually possible .Today i was thinking about those Sunday's spent lazying around .Laziness makes us  do nothing  physical but to just lay on that couch and watch TV or listen music,Yes a visual treat with no much brain work is always relaxing and thats the whole idea i got while sweeping.Sounds crazy,but yes my mind works lot faster when i am sweeping :| and it gives me all those creative ideas or shall i say "keeda"(insect)  to do for the rest of the day . Off late me and my best buddy are infected with these keeda's  which makes us do all pretty interesting and creative things.Today my keeda told me to BLOG  and share my most favorite time pass activity ,yes i love quotes and pictures which quote something funny or interesting .For me its best way to take break from and tickle my machine brain for a while .I would love to share my collection of quotes with you guys ,hope you will enjoy them as much as i do and get you a smile on your face for few minutes .I see few are already smiling Tsk Tsk :)Here comes my first post .Time is really precious and i would love to waste it wisely ;)

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